Food Tech Solutions: 12 Ways the Tech Industry Is Hacking Food Waste by Donna John

6 years ago

Food Tech Solutions: 12 Ways the Tech Industry Is Hacking Food Waste

Our country wastes entirely too much food. Around the world, farmers, cooks, innovators and entrepreneurs are developing technologies to address issues in every aspect of the food system, according to Food Tank. Food Tank shared these 12 food tech solutions working to reduce food waste:

  • Bluapple: Bluapple is a product that absorbs ethylene gas in refrigerators, allowing consumers to store fresh produce for longer.
  • BluWrap: By using fuel cells to monitor and reduce oxygen in shipping containers, BluWrap can extend the shelf life of fresh fish and meat.
  • BT9 XSENSE: A real-time cold chain management system, BT9 XSENSE monitors the condition of perishable food products along the transit line, from the producer to store shelf.
  • Copia: By redistributing food surplus to feed people in need, Copia uses its extensive food waste reduction dashboard to connect businesses with surplus food to local shelters, after-school programs, and other nonprofit organizations.
  • Edipeel: A natural postharvest protection, Edipeel is an invisible, edible and tasteless innovation engineered by Apeel Sciences to protect food surfaces.
  • Freight Farms: Freight Farms created the Leafy Green Machine and its supporting Farmhand Connect app, which collectively work to produce consistent harvests 365 days of the year in any different geographic locations.
  • Gebni: Gebni is a food app delivery service working to reduce food waste by using an algorithm to adjust prices according to real-time demand.
  • IRRI Super Bag: The Super Bag uses hermetic storage to increase the shelf life of stored grains and seeds.
  • LeanPath: LeanPath provides food waste prevention solutions for commercial kitchens worldwide.
  • Smart Packaging: Wireless sensors developed by VTT Technical Research Center detect ethanol in the headspace of food packaging, allowing live data on the food’s quality and freshness to be transmitted to retailers and customer via radio frequency identification (RFID) tag technologies.
  • Wakati: A solar-powered, standalone device, Wakati uses hydration to preserve food instead of a cooling system, creating a low-cost, low-energy alternative to conventional refrigeration.
  • Winnow Systems: Winnow Systems aims to help the hospitality industry reduce avoidable food waste by allowing kitchens to monitor their waste, tracking how and what food is being wasted.

Let's support these companies who are working to reduce food waste. Learn more about each of these food tech solutions at

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