Need Extra Money? How to Start Sharing Your Way to Extra Cash! by Laura Greenwald

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5 years ago
Need Extra Money? How to Start Sharing Your Way to Extra Cash!

Picture this: You log into Facebook, tell your friends about your favorite product and make money. Nice daydream, right? Not necessarily. When a group of friends started making thousands of dollars a month, I put on my investigator hat! Turns out, they put their own twist on an old idea. 

  • First, they signed up as distributors with a company that costs little or nothing to join like Avon (in their case Nu Skin). 
  • They picked one, and only one, product they loved (in their case whitening toothpaste).
  • They started sharing amazing before and after photos on social media. 
  • When curious friends tried it and loved it they not only became customers, they joined the team, earning enough to pay for their kid's activities, pay down debt or start saving for college. 

So the next time you need extra cash, try putting your own twist on an old idea.

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Donna John
Interesting idea, Laura Greenwald . Thanks for sharing it with the tribe! We could all use extra money!
Laura Greenwald
Thanks Donna John . I liked it so much I signed up as a toothpaste gal myself. If you ever need some extra cash for the holidays, let me know!

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