Why You Need to Read "The Maze Runner" Series With Your Tween! by Mercedes Samudio

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6 years ago

Why You Need to Read "The Maze Runner" Series With Your Tween!

One of the joys of being a reader as a parent is that you get to share that love of reading with your kids. But, I often encourage my parents to also let their kids share books they love, too. And what's even better? If you both read these books and can discuss the themes together as a way to help them understand larger social and emotional issues. Usually YA books do that in a fairly well-done way. One series that I love sharing with my families is "The Maze Runner" series by James Dashner (for ages 12 and up).

The series follows a young boy as he is thrust into a post-apocalyptic game with others boys who must fight every day to survive. Then one day, a girl appears in the game and they must find out who they truly are, save as many of their friends as possible and get out of the maze. The mythology, characters and plot are intense enough to be good, but tame enough for you and your kid to enjoy together. Also, the books talk about themes such as friendship, peer pressure, grit, problem solving and dealing with romantic feelings (in a preteen way). I think it's one of the few YA books that isn't trying to be too adult, but also has a lot of action.

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