How to Keep Falling in Love With Your Partner (Over & Over Again) by Molly Laird

6 years ago

How to Keep Falling in Love With Your Partner (Over & Over Again)

When I met my person, we were both active artists in Chicago. We were young and carefree. We lived paycheck to paycheck without worry. Our dates consisted of us drinking whiskey under a bridge or PBJs on the beach. As the years have passed, life has changed for us. We moved in together, we battled health issues, we got married and now we are having a baby together. We have had to grow up together, which involves having to watch each other change. Here are some things we have found to help our love grow together while we grow individually: 

  • Set aside 20 to 30 seconds a day to hug your partner – and really hug them.
  • Throw your pride out of the window. Share your insecurities and fears with your partner. We all have them!
  • Tell your partner that you "see them" and acknowledge their recent accomplishments (even if that's just getting up and going to work, or helping with the dishes, grocery shopping, household chores, etc.).
  • Support your partner with their new passions and hobbies. Set judgment aside. Set opinions aside, even if it is something you may not naturally like and or understand. Take time to learn and appreciate.
  • Try your best, and when your best fails, try again.

How do you keep falling in love over and over again with your partner?

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Ann Marie Patitucci
This is BEAUTIFUL, Molly Laird! Your spirit shines through everything you write (and do)! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Molly Laird
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead you are a true inspiration! Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful "tribe" of people. I feel so so thankful for every post I have read.
I love your ideas & thoughts. You have a great recipe for a rich life. A richness that cannot be bought. I hope you keep writing. It enriches my life! Thank you!
Molly Laird
Kaz! This means the world to me coming from YOU! I love you I love you!
Elisa Schmitz
The expressions on your faces fill me with joy, Mikey Laird and Molly Laird ! Thank you for making such a difference in such a short time. We love your energy and passion for life. Grateful you are part of our #30Seconds tribe. Keep spreading the love!!! xoxo
Leila Ward
This is so important. Thanks for the reminder!
Jan Mostrom
Love this post and really love the reminder to do these positive things! Thanks so much Molly Laird !
Kristy Dominiak
Wonderfully written and beautifully lived! Thank you!
Tracey Hempenstall
Sweet reminders! I love a good hug :)
Sheri B Doyle
These are great ideas and reminders. It is so easy to take our partners for granted when we should never do so.

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