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#30Seconds In-Depth: What's for Dinner? Get Inspired With Kitchen Chat's Margaret McSweeney! by Nicole DeAvilla

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6 years ago

Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Would you love advice from chefs or cookbook authors? We were thrilled to welcome 30Seconds contributor Margaret McSweeney, who shared the best tips from the almost 200 chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs, food industry experts and foodies she has interviewed on her podcast, Kitchen Chat

Q: Tell us about Margaret McSweeney, the “accidental culinary expert.”

First, I started my career in NYC as a banker who couldn’t cook anything! Then I authored/edited FIVE books to inspire others, but still couldn’t really cook a great meal for my family. Finally, my culinary journey began as a tribute to my late father with the start of  Kitchen Chat. One of my greatest culinary influences and friends is Jaime Laurita.

Q: We heard that 10 years ago you couldn’t even make a great grilled cheese! And now Kitchen Chat!

Funny!  Kitchen Chat is my journey to learn how to cook – something I didn’t get to learn from my dad who was amazing home chef. And then I extended my journey to discover the world of culinary, travel and much more! Yes, now I can make grilled cheese and challenging recipes. My Youtube channel shows my progress.

Q. What are your suggestions to expand the culinary palate of children?

  • First have fun exploring ethnic grocery stores – you learn about culture, languages and different foods.
  • Be adventurous with your produce! Try rambutan and dragon fruit.
  • Discover spices and make your own curry!

Q. You have interviewed amazing chefs. What are some top tips from top chefs?

  • Best lesson was from  Chef Jamie Laurita. “Fear should never be an ingredient.” (Watch our Kitchen Chat video of @chefjmelaurita.)
  • Tip from  Carla Hall: “Keep it simple,” and “use seasonings.” (Watch me interview Carla Hall!)
  • Tip from  Jacques Pepin is to always, “Taste, taste and taste again.”

Q. We hear you have a community question. What is it?

"What creative lunch ideas do parents have for back to school?" One of my ideas would be to have your child help prepare from shopping to packaging. Each week have your child pick out something new to add to their lunch repertoire. Maybe tamarind!

Q: What are the must-have gadgets in your kitchen?

  • A lemon squeezer. It’s the best! Squeeze fresh lemon in water each day.
  • A garlic press. Garlic has health benefits and adds depth to flavor to so many dishes.
  • A zester/grater. You can grate fresh whole nutmeg!

Q: What trends are you noticing in the culinary world?

Q: How can the 30Seconds community connect with you?

Please visit me in my  Kitchen Chat kitchen and my Facebook page for recipes and inspiration. Also, Instagram and Twitter. Also please subscribe to my podcast Kitchen Chat on iTunes.

Nicole DeAvilla
Your story sounds so inspiring Margaret McSweeney - I know your tips and chat with Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds will be too!
Margaret McSweeney
Thank you so much! I can't wait to tweet and eat!
Meredith Schneider
Love this picture! Can't wait to hear tips Margaret McSweeney has to share from Emeril! BAM! :)
Margaret McSweeney
Thank you Meredith! Can't wait to share tips from the top chefs
Elisa Schmitz
Can't wait to see you tomorrow, Margaret McSweeney , and to chat about all things FOOD! Fun and yum! xoxo
Margaret McSweeney
So wonderful to have seen you, sweet friend! You are an inspiration!
Kim Kusiciel
This is awesome!! I can't wait to learn more from Margaret McSweeney!
Wendy Rafferty
Excited! I always love food chats! Always something new to learn! Not to mention I love good food!
Margaret McSweeney
Can't wait to tweet with you, Wendy!
Jan Mostrom
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds it was such a great day. Loved getting to know Margaret McSweeney a bit and all the ladies! So much fun!
Margaret McSweeney
So wonderful to meet you and spend time with everyone!!
Margaret McSweeney
I am counting down the minutes for us all to tweet and eat! Please bring your appetites!
THYG [inactive]
I need this so that my family can eat more than the three things I can cook!
Alex Bryant
Loved this conversation so much. It was encouraging and greatly inspiring. Margaret McSweeney is a phenomenal individual.

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