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6 years ago

Help Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Pick a Charity to Highlight for Her 100th 30Seconds Tip

Note: This promotion ran in August 2017. The organization selected to be highlighted was PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative. Read Ann Marie's article here.

30Seconds contributor Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead, who also serves as our Contributor Relations Coordinator, has written 99 tips for 30Seconds! For her 100th tip, she’d like to do something special in honor of both her time with 30Seconds as well as our new category, Make a Difference. Ann Marie would like to highlight a non-profit or charitable organization that is making a difference in its local community, the national community or even the global community.

Ann Marie put out the call on social media to our 30Seconds tribe to make nominations, and several were suggested. Thank you to everyone who nominated these wonderful organizations, listed in alphabetical order below. Please vote on the one you’d like to see Ann Marie write about by naming it in the comments section below. We will announce the winner soon! (Please note that Erin Musto's Maddie’s Mark was also nominated – by more than one person! – but Ann Marie has already written about this remarkable organization. Learn more about Maddie’s Mark.)

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Kimberly Johnson
Have to vote for my nomination, CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation, but yay for such a great list of causes!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I know, Kimberly Johnson ! There are so many great ones to choose from!!
Casey Bates
Definitely Worthdays!
Katie Sloan
Things of my very own
Thank you for your vote Katie Sloan

Rayn Boncie
Things of My Very Own, Inc.
Linda Todd
Things of my very own! Yay
Things of My Very Own!
Carrie Brady
Things of My Very Own... all great though!!!
Gina Pomering
PRAI! PANS Research and advocacy initiative
Elisa Schmitz
OMG, I love this! Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead , you are so so special to do this with your 100th #30Seconds tip. Thank you for setting the bar for how we can truly make life better, and make a difference, here at I am sure all of these organizations are amazing. The ones that I know are Save the Children, Girls On the Run and Every Mother Counts. I would vote for all three, since they're all amazing, but since Cheryl Leahy and I actually met the founder of Every Mother Counts (see photo), the incredible (former supermodel) Christy Turlington, I am going to vote for it. They do great work. Thank you!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for your vote and for your kind words, Elisa! I can't believe I'm on my 100th tip already! What a joy it's been to write for 30Seconds. I can't wait to feature one of these amazing organizations in my 100th tip!
Elisa Schmitz
It is our joy and pleasure to have you as such an amazing member of our #30Seconds tribe! Looking forward to your next 100 tips, chica!! #grateful
Shannon Proctor
I can't leave a comment for some reason, but my vote also goes to Save the Children!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Shannon. Got it!
LaDonna Branson
Pans Research and Advocacy Initative
Roger Reynolds
Can't help but extend my vote for CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation. #EveryDayIsABonus
Michelle Alford
CJs Thumbs Up Foundation! They served 11,000 meals to families of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses last year. A very worthy cause!
Nora Amos
All my love to cjstuf
Melissa Owens
CJStuf has helped so many children and their families! Wonderful organization!
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Rachel Reynolds
Of course I vote for CJ's Thumbs Up! Thanks for spreading awareness!
Ann Marie Patitucci
It looks like CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation is in the lead so far! Keep the votes coming!
This was an extremely difficult decision! All of these organizations are great and work for a worthy cause. One that is dear to my heart is Raising Men Lawn Care Service. I have witnessed the impact of the services they provide and love their mission. After reading about each organization though, I am voting for an organization physically close to me- Worthdays.
Caroline Neal
Worthdays! 🎉🎉🎉
Leila Ward
Worthdays! So amazing.
Carla Shackelford
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative ❤❤❤
Kia Cook
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative!
Denise Mantell
I have to stick with my nomination, Anna's Wish. It's a great story of turning tragedy into something great. And when a small organization gets recognized it does so much more! Helping pediatric cancer patients & their families to get gifts & services is just amazing.
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Karen Miller
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Stephanie Fox Zak
PRAI- PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Jessica Gavin
PANS research and advocacy (PRAI)

We NEED this! Thank you for even considering our organization. This is so kind of you.
Mary Bryan-Stewart
PRAI - PANS research, advocacy & Initiative!! We are so excited that you are considering us.
PRAI ! We are new organization and our kids desperately need more help as few know about this horrible disease ! Spread the word...
Joy Sowinski
PANS research and advocacy (PRAI) <3
Monique Prato
PRAI!! It's amazing what this group of moms has done in such little time, to raise money for research awareness and advocacy for these children. Without us, these children do not have a voice. We need your help. These children need your help.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Never underestimate what a group of passionate mamas can do! 😊
Laura Pilosi
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative ❤️
Laura Frazier
PRAI! These kids need so much help! PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative! Amazing organization fighting for a cure and insurance coverage for some very ill children.
Nancy Dafoe
It is not on your list, but the NAACP is, perhaps, the most important organization in our country right now if we are preserve our democracy and equality for all Americans. I vote for a donation to them.
Molly Laird
WOW these all look so wonderful! Hard to choose just one... However, I have decided to vote for CJ thumbs up!
Nicole DeAvilla
Great choices, great causes! I am going to choose Girls on the Run. Running has been character building for my kids. These girls deserve the chance too.
Jan Mostrom
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead this is awesome. I'm sorry I missed the nominations but Girls on the Run is a great group and my niece runs their chapter in Boise Idaho! They do amazing things like all of these great organizations! And Congrats on 100 tips! That's awesome!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks so much, Jan. And kudos to your niece for doing such meaningful work!
Gabrielle Batista
Such a good list, but I'm voting for the Crisis Text Line!
Brandi Simpson
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative!
PRAI all the way!
Kati Durkee
PRAI Pans Research and Advocacy Initiative
Jenny Mease
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Look at all these comments! Love this tribe! Looks like PRAI is in the lead but voting will go til Sunday so there's lots of time for more votes to come in.
Matthew Suarez Pace LMFT
So many great causes here! My vote is for Vera House!
Shannon Mattice
Love GOTR! I have several friends who do great work with them.
Patrice Gilbert
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative (PRAI)!!!! Raising awareness for a devastating illness that is stealing childrens lives! Thank you for considering PRAI! All of the organizations deserve recognition, but my daughter has PANS, so my vote goes to PRAI! Thank you!
Paige Rich
Pans Research and Advocacy Initiative! These kids need all the help they can get. This robs kids of their childhoods. We need to spread awareness anywhere and everywhere! Thank you so much.
PRAI (PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Rachael Daniels CPNP-PC, CLC
I vote for...Things of my very own. Children's crisis services are so needed, it's such an important organization. When kids are rescued from such horrific situations, this organization really helps them start out in a better place. We have Child savers here in Richmond, which is similar. Hey, maybe you could shine the spotlight them too! 😊
Ann Marie Patitucci
Since Child Savers isn't on our list (we hope to shine a light on all the nominees!), maybe you could write about them. Hint, hint. 😊
Derrick Branson
PRAI......PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Jennifer Turner
PRAI (Pans Research and Advocacy Initiative). An autoimmune encephalopathy with a variety of neuropsychological symptoms for children. It is estimated to affect anywhere from 1:200 to 1:50 kids but is rarely correctly diagnosed. These kids need help! Thank you🌈
Janice Schafer
PRAI- PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Deena Fahy
PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Megan Demmler
Girls on the run!!! Lemme know if it wins, I have contacts ;)
Jennifer Shriver
kids need awareness and support
PRAI!! An amazing organization started by mom of two kids with PANS. All of us moms have joined to help her because we know our children deserve better!!!
Shari Mason
PANDAS research. My friend's daughter has it. Doctors need to be more aware.
PRAI- PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative. We need to get the word out about this debilitating disease known as PANS/PANDAS. Our kids and their families are suffering so much from it.
Alice Nash
Things of My Very Own
Things of My Very Own
Things of My Very Own, Inc. would greatly benefit from being chosen. Thank you for your consideration and to everyone who voted for the organization.

Rayn Boncie
Things of My Very Own, Inc.
Crystal Wolfe
Things of My Very Own!!!!!!!
Mary Fronk
Things of my very own!
Nana Mayer
Things Of My Very Own, Inc.
Meredith Schneider
Oh my goodness so many too choose from! Since we can't vote for them all I vote for Every Mother Counts. You ROCK Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead xoxo
Joseph Smarro
Things of my very own
Things of My Very Own, Inc. Their mission and extensive work they do to provide support, education , and a safe environment to children who are neglected and abused speaks volumes to the love & passion Rayn Boncie, CEO has for restoring children's hopes and making a difference.
Kristen Durrin
I'm sure all of these organizations are worthy. Anyone/group that dedicates their life to helping others and dping their part to make a positive impact on the world and those around them deserve support and recognition! I personally believe Things of my very own is the organization currently in need of such recognition. The more people that are aware and informed about this amazing organization the more children they can serve and give hope to. Good luck to all of the organizations listed and thank you all for being a blessing to our community! Things of my very own has my vote! !!
Lauren Marie
Things of my very own!
Erin Musto
Thinks of my very own... it is amazing. We stock them when we have extra donations and they often offer opportunities for families to come help them- always a plus when you can help others help others...
Adam Fahrenkopf
Things of my very own!
Ann Marie Patitucci
I am so amazed by the sheer number of votes! I love that people are getting to learn about all of these remarkable organizations!
Morgan Hawthorne
PRAI for a very dear friend of mine!!!!💗
Heather Webb Coolbaugh
All of these groups are great organizations. This is definitely a tough choice! My vote is for PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative
Ellen Boyd
Voting for CJs Thumbs up!!!
Mei Marcie
I like #EveryMomCounts :)
Donna John
It is so hard to pick just one of these amazing organizations! But, going to give my vote to #EveryMotherCounts. No losers here, tho!!

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