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6 years ago

The ancients feared eclipses. Should we? Not if today's astrologers have anything to say about it. "Anyone who's ever witnessed an eclipse in person raves about the feelings of awe and transcendence it generates. It's a moment of cosmic connection people remember for the rest of their lives," explains Amanda Walsh, founder and CEO of Astrology Hub, a website dedicated to deepening the public's understanding of astrology. "This awe is the stuff that inspires astrology too."

"Since ancient times, astrology has been a tool for deepening our sense meaning and purpose – a spiritual vision I think the world needs especially now," Walsh explains. "It's not just about what might happen to you; it gives us strategies for how to gracefully co-create with the world."

To tap into this transformative power, Astrology Hub will host a global meditation over the two weeks preceding the eclipse. Each day between August 7 and 21 during the free, live online event, some of the world's top spiritual teachers and astrologers will offer a guided meditation on how to anchor love on a personal and collective level. Meditation guides include George MumfordDawa Tarchin PhillipsHawaiian Kahuna Auntie Mahealani Kuamo'o-HenryHank WesselmanDivine HarmonyDonna WoodwellAdam GainsburgAnita Briggs and Achintya Devi.

All profits from Global Eclipse Meditation recording sales will be donated to the Ivy Child Foundation. Ivy Child's mission is to provide universal mindfulness education to children and communities, prioritizing urban populations and their multicultural needs. "We know the August solar eclipse will likely become the most-watched cosmic event in human history," says Walsh. "We want to put our collective intention behind planting the seeds of a future we want to live in."

Throughout history and in many parts of the world, eclipses have been viewed with dread, or as ill omens. But they've also been viewed as moments of change and opportunity. "You bet astrologers are excited. It's no surprise that eclipses have inspired artists and poets for millennia. Eclipse images are found in alchemical texts, in sacred geometry and ancient monuments," said Donna Woodwell, a professional astrologer and Astrology Hub's managing editor.

"In a sense, eclipses have become a symbol for the evolution of the world soul. They represent the union of polarities – of male and female, heaven and Earth, the spirit and the soul. This is nothing short of the alchemical 'Great Work' written in the sky," says Woodwell. "It's an opportunity for us to choose what we want to create."

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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