Parent Shaming Pink? 4 Tips to Help Put an End to Mom Shaming! by Mercedes Samudio

5 years ago

Parent Shaming Pink? 4 Tips to Help Put an End to Mom Shaming!

In the most recent online celebrity parent shaming, superstar singer Pink was shamed for cooking with her children in the kitchen (yes, you read that right!). As a parent coach and advocate for us to #endparentshaming, here are a few things I suggest you do when you see a parent doing something you don't agree with:

  • Make sure the child is safe: If a parent is using a strategy you don't agree with, but the child is safe and not in harm's way, then it's best to keep quiet until the parent asks for support.
  • Ask if you can help: Instead of assuming a parent wants your help, simply ask. And if the parent says no, leave them to find the support they need.
  • Don't offer advice: Whether you know it or not, most parents seek help from people they trust – if that's not you, that's OK. Only offer advice if asked. If no one asks, start a blog or create an online community where you can share your ideas (or write a 30Seconds tip!).
  • Don't judge or shame: No one changes from being shamed. Instead, share your concerns privately with the parent and give them space to make the changes they need to make in their own time.

How do you manage when you disagree with another parent's methods? Read more about Pink's parent-shaming incident via Distractify


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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Thank you for calling attention to this very real and very painful problem, Mercedes Samudio ! I love your perspective!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for this great advice, Mercedes Samudio ! Parent shaming is an unfortunate reality. I'm so glad that we are addressing it at 30Seconds and that our community is so inclusive and supportive.
Mercedes Samudio
Yes, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! It's so important to bring this into the discussion! And I love this community so much!!
Meredith Schneider
Mercedes Samudio I cannot believe what I am reading! WOW! The internet would explode if I posted pictures of me breastfeeding while cooking. Always have my kids in the kitchen helping out.. I always loved PINK and now I love her even more for sharing this pix. We are all supposed to be supporting and lifting each other up and helping each other out along the way. Exactly what this #30Seconds tribe is all about!
Mercedes Samudio
Meredith Schneider I have loved watching Pink be a mom and how she is so fearless in her pursuit of raising healthy kids! I agree that this community exemplifies the support that all parents deserve!!
S Roberts
Whether you agree or disagree with what she's doing, when you put yourself out there (on the web) in a controversial situation like this you're opening yourself up to the criticism of the world. Or rather you're asking for it, because everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately few know the difference between opinion and fact especially when it comes to these types of issues. Thank you for a few clear guidelines to hopefully help us see the better approach.
Mercedes Samudio
I have to agree. I think that celebrities are already front and center for their careers, that when they become parents it seems to be just as fair game to some to critique that part of their lives too. But, you are so right about fact versus opinion. In fact, that's one of my favorite scenes in the Pixar movie, Inside Out, when two of the characters are on a train and one of he train compartments has boxes of opinions and facts; there's a bump on the tracks and the facts and opinions box contents get all mixed up. One character says, "Oh no!" While the other say, "Whatever, they get mixed up all the time anyways!" Hahahahaha!

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