Can't Decide? Paralyzed By a Choice? Indecisive? Try This Easy Trick! by Sonia Satra

5 years ago
Can't Decide? Paralyzed By a Choice? Indecisive? Try This Easy Trick!

Many people – myself included – don’t do so well with decisions. Even small ones, like what tea to drink, can trip me up. Don’t even ask about the big ones. I’m not going to say this is always easy, but this trick I’m about to show you – it works. Say you’ve got two choices. Let’s call them Rooibos Spice and Moroccan Mint, just to stick with the tea theme. And let’s say you just have no clue which one you want.

  • First, visualize going with option 1: Rooibos Spice. What does that feel like? What does it look like? Picture yourself after the decision is made. Take note of how your body feels. That’s important. Step into that potential future as if it's reality. Let go of option 2. For now, let yourself fully soak in your decision. No holding back. Now, come back to the present.
  • Next, visualize option 2: Moroccan Mint. What will it look like, feel like, be like, if you pick Moroccan Mint? How does your body feel? What’s happening around you?

Come back to the present. Which visualization felt better?

If you’re thinking, “I’m not good at visualizing, I’m not into that stuff,” that’s OK. Anyone can do this. The more you practice it, the better you'll get.

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Donna John
As an over-thinker and indecisive person quite often, I appreciate this tip! Going to try it the next time indecisiveness hits. So probably tonight or tomorrow. :-) Welcome to the tribe, Sonia Satra !
Sonia Satra
I can relate, Donna! Glad to hear this technique might be helpful :-) Let me know how it goes. Thank you for the kind words, and I'm so excited to be here!
Nicole DeAvilla
Great tip! We all sometimes sweat the small stuff when making decisions, so this is a great tool, to decide and move forward - and really enjoy a nice cup of tea!
Sonia Satra
The tea is the reward for making a choice, am I right? :-) Thanks, Nicole! It's so great to meet you.
Nicole DeAvilla
Absolutely! If you don't make a choice, then no tea! :)
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
I love this tip, Sonia Satra ! I think many women have a difficult time making decisions. Visualization is an incredibly helpful tool. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. I look forward to learning and growing with you!
Sonia Satra
I agree, Elisa, and I've found that visualization can make life so much easier. Plus, it's kinda fun :-) Thank you, and I look forward to the same!

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