Online Safety: The Most Dangerous Apps & Social Media Sites for Kids by Ann Marie Patitucci

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6 years ago

Online Safety: The Most Dangerous Apps & Social Media Sites for Kids

As parents, our No. 1 goal is keeping our kids safe, and this includes online safety. Navigating apps and social media sites can be daunting, but luckily people like Kyle Roberts, Professor of Developmental Psychology at BYU-Idaho, can help. Roberts and have compiled a list of this year’s most dangerous apps and social media sites. Unfortunately, "a lot of these require no age verification and if they do it is a simple check mark..."

Social Media Apps: 

Live Streaming Apps

Dating Apps

Anonymous Apps

(Please visit for the specific reasons why these apps and sites made the list. Please note that while this is a helpful guide, parents should always use their own discretion when making decisions about online safety for their children.) Some general tips to keep your kids safe: 

  1. Put restrictions in place so that you must approve every app on your child’s device. 
  2. Trust your intuition; if an app or site seems inappropriate or feels off somehow, don’t allow your child access to it.
  3. Teach your children about cyber-bullying and how to use technology responsibly.
  4. Have regular discussions with your kids about their use of apps and social media. Keep the lines of communication open.

Read more about the most dangerous apps of 2017 and learn about parenting books from (purchase from links below).

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, this is such an important subject, and this is such a helpful list for parents! I remember when was a big deal for my kids when they were young teens. It caused them a lot of anguish, so we got rid of it fast. Thank you for sharing this, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead !
Ann Marie Patitucci
My pleasure. I want to share this kind of info. far and wide! My boys stumbled upon Wishbone recently. On the surface it looks harmless enough but after reading this list we know not to let them access it!
Katie Sloan
It can be like swimming against the current. So many dangers pop up! Thanks for this info!
Grace Babcock
Instagram can be dangerous, but as long as it's a private account, no one can see it except for approved friends, and that can be a nice way to let your kid have some social media privileges and not feel too restricted without letting them put themselves at risk.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Grace. You make a great point about the importance of privacy settings!
Casey Mclendon
My 10 yr old has a tablet that I've put Amazon FreeTime on it which is safe to use. And also on the parent side learning game apps I've approved. He wants a cellphone and access to regular internet like his friends but nope, I'm not ready to give in. lol He has a FB with family only and gets on it about twice a month while hanging out next to me. He's got boy scout and science pages mostly on it. He knows he can't add ANYTHING without my approval. I've explained to him about predators, sites that aren't for kids, cyberbullying and that I'm just trying to protect and look out for him. He knows I'll start giving him some freedom as he gets older but also that I get passwords and will check history anytime as long as he's under 18. . Trying to teach him he can come to me, dad or another adult in his life about anything he's curious about, behaving online and that if he'll trust me and show he understands the rules I'll trust him and give him more freedom as he gets older. I'm sticking to all this with my 2 younger sons too as they get to the age of wanting on electronics more.
Ann Marie Patitucci
We have similar parameters for our sons, Casey. I think it's important, given their ages and the potential dangers. They'll get more freedom as they get older.

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