Feeding Your Toddler: 3 Ways to Make Food Fun for a Picky Eater! by Samantha Martin

6 years ago

Feeding Your Toddler: 3 Ways to Make Food Fun for a Picky Eater!

Getting a toddler to sit down and eat a healthy meal can be tough. One day she loves the veggies you made, the next day they are "yucky" and she spits them out. What does she want to eat? Popsicles, ice cream and sprinkles. Time to get creative!

  • Sandwiches: Sandwiches and summer go hand in hand. I purchased some sandwich cutter shapes and let my toddler help me push them down onto her sandwich. We have big shapes and little shapes, which she calls "baby sandwiches." She eats them all up.
  • Sprinkles: Literally, my toddler just wants to eat sprinkles. So I'll add a dash to her bread with butter or peanut butter. I'll add a dash on some banana slices with agave nectar. We call this "fairy food."
  • Choices and Helping: My toddler is definitely into being independent, so I try to let her choose what she wants to eat out of the options I give her, and I let her help me make it. Even just peeling an orange gets her more excited to eat it.

Toddler life, time to think outside the box!

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Donna John
My kids loved putting sprinkles on everything, too, Samantha Martin . Love these ideas! Fairy food? That's great! Need to tweak that for my grandson! Monster food? :-)

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