Parents of Kids With Special Needs: "Doing Your Homework" Sets Up a Year for Success by Pepi Silverman

Parents of Kids With Special Needs: "Doing Your Homework" Sets Up a Year for Success

Every family benefits from preparing for a new school year, but parents of a child with special needs have their own “special” homework to support their child’s education. As a new school year approaches, preparing for the fall will set everyone up for success. Get started with a plan, organization, and most importantly, by being proactive to work effectively with the school team. 

  • Share information about your child with every teacher.
  • Help your child to be excited about the new school year.
  • Start a school communication log.
  • Review your child’s current IEP and monitor its implementation.
  • Plan to attend school events, such back-to-school nights. 
  • Develop a family calendar that highlights the upcoming start of the school year.

Back to school jitters can be alleviated with a plan and a focus on success.

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