OMG, Too Cute: Why Images of Whales, Kittens, Goats & Flowers Are Necessary by Nancy Dafoe

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7 months ago
OMG, Too Cute: Why Images of Whales, Kittens, Goats & Flowers Are Necessary

If you spend much time at a computer, on your iPhone or other devices, you have likely come to appreciate all those interruptive images and video clips of whales breaching, kittens tackling one another and slow-motion imagining of flowers blooming. While we work at research, writing and communicating, our technology has allowed us phenomenal speed to produce, but also allows anonymity to enter our space through online cruelties, bullying and threats of violence. 

We have instant access to the world at war, kidnapping in Alabama, beheading in Syria, hurricane flood victims. The world in all its instability and tumult, coming through our tech feeds, is sometimes too much. When we can’t go for a walk or get away due to deadlines and projects, there are those kittens wearing bathing caps, and there’s

Donna John
Yes, Nancy Dafoe ! Sometimes you just need to zone out of the negative and zone into the cute. Thanks for this adorable - and important - tip! Now I'm headed back to :-)

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