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6 years ago

Tips for Picky Eaters: Nutrition Expert Provides Guidelines for Parents

Your toddler is on a tasting adventure from the moment solid foods are introduced. To avoid them becoming too picky and negatively affecting their nutrition, embrace that spirit of adventure. Making meals look and taste appealing increases the chance of good nutrition from childhood on into adulthood. And whether you are a cooking novice or pro, all you need to create a delicious and nutritious meal for your toddler is the desire to do so. Here are a few helpful hints from Sari Greaves, author of "Cooking Well Healthy Kids: Easy Meals for Happy Toddlers," to get you started!

  • Offer new foods at the start of a meal. A hungry toddler is a toddler who is less picky.
  • Train your toddler to try foods that the rest of the family enjoys. Preparing a dish for the whole family, with the only variation being size and texture (smaller portions and softer textures for your toddler) gets them used to eating what you eat. Make sure to serve it alongside a familiar food that your child regularly consumes.
  • Patience is key with working with toddlers. Allow hot food to cool down and cold food to warm up a little before serving, as toddlers dislike extreme temperatures. In general, pushing them too much in any direction won't help.
  • Avoid spices and strong tastes. Young children tend be more sensitive to flavors than you are, and may reject heavily seasoned foods. Heavily spiced, salted, buttered, or sweetened dishes may prevent your toddler from experiencing the natural taste of foods.

How do you handle your picky eater?

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