Be a Pinterest Pro: 5 Ways to Engage, Save & Collaborate on Pinterest! by Kim Kusiciel

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6 years ago

Be a Pinterest Pro: 5 Ways to Engage, Save & Collaborate on Pinterest!

After you’ve set up a Pinterest account and you feel like you have the basics under control, then you are ready for the next level.

  • Adding descriptions to your profile, boards and pins helps Pinterest to "suggest" pins, boards or people you may like. 
  • Did you know you can send pins to others? Let’s say you are planning a wedding or even a co-sponsored event. You can send a pin to another pinner via Pinterest through email or another social media account. 
  • You can also add "collaborators" to a board. This is handy when you are working as a team. Be sure to add collaborators to a “Secret” board when working on something private. For example, use it when planning a surprise baby shower! Everyone can share ideas through Pinterest and then you can plan away without the mom-to-be knowing any of the fun you have planned! 
  • You can even buy products through Pinterest! Just click the shopping bag icon at the top right to find “buyable pins” and then when you find something you love, “save to cart.” 
  • Use the notifications tab to send messages to somebody you follow or connect with your followers.

Pinterest is a fun way to engage, save and collaborate. Try it today!

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Meredith Schneider
Oh Kim Kusiciel you are a Pinterest Pro! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome tips.. Always learning something new! Think my Pinterest account needs some help.

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