College Freshmen: How to Help Your Teen Transition Into College Life! by Kelli Porcaro

College Freshmen: How to Help Your Teen Transition Into College Life!

It's hard to believe, but we are only a month away to back-to-school time. Sending your teen off to college can be both exciting and scary. Within the first week of school, college freshmen immediately face the stress of separating from family and friends. They struggle with a need to belong, the responsibility of decisions and priorities, social and academic pressures, and possibly employment. With greater self awareness, students will be able to:

  • engage in healthy and supportive relationships
  • navigate social and emotional stress and anxiety
  • align their focus, decisions and choices with what matters most

Start talking now with your teens about the transition to school. What are they excited about? What are they nervous about? What's most important within the first 30 days? What types of clubs and activities do they want to check out?

Help your son or daughter to understand that they are not alone if they are feeling anxious or nervous. Encourage him or her to connect with someone they know and trust – someone they can talk with about some of the challenges they will be facing. And mom, this is a good tip for you as well!

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Sheryl Gould
Thanks Kelli Schulte I will definitely be needing this when my daughter leaves! The questions you ask are very helpful to support them to talk through what will help with the transition!
Kelli Porcaro
Thanks Sheryl. We moms can probably ask the same questions to ourselves!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great advice, Kelli Schulte ! Thanks for sharing!
Meredith Schneider
Awesome advice, Kelli Schulte ! My oldest has 3 more years in high school. So will remember these tips when he is heading off to college. Must share for all my friends sending kids off to college this year.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
This is so important! My twins are on their way to their second year of college. The first few weeks last year were challenging for both of them. Great advise.
Elisa Schmitz
Need this info - this fall, we will have six kids in college, yikes! Kelli Schulte Dieter Schmitz
Kelli Porcaro
It's so common for freshmen to struggle the first couple of months. And social media doesn't help...they see their friends appearing like everything is aweesome, which adds to the struggle. Def helps to talk about it ahead of time.

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