Use Summer to Get a "Headstart" for the Fall & Back-to-School Time! by Pepi Silverman

Use Summer to Get a "Headstart" for the Fall & Back-to-School Time!

Summer vacation is a respite for kids and their families from the stress of the school year. Playing outside, no schedules to follow and most importantly, no homework, are just some of the characteristics that make summer a special season. But using summertime as an opportunity to prepare for the school year ahead can help students to start the next school year more successfully. Parents can help their children to benefit from the” gift” of available time by being strategic: 

  • Review report cards and testing data to compare to performance achieved during the year.
  • Identify areas of academic weakness.
  • Target educational needs and develop interventions to address those needs.
  • Incorporate measurement techniques to monitor academic progress.
  • Plan to share the summer intervention data with new teachers in the fall.

Students benefit from extending their learning throughout the year.

Meredith Schneider
Great tips Pepi Silverman! I've been encouraging our kids to keep up with their reading all summer too. Pinned this awesome tip! xo
Pepi Silverman
Thank you so much for your feedback. I have been an educator for 25 years and have workd to help students and their families to be successful learners. Check out my website at for my information.

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