How to Make "On My Own" Bags for Your Independent Learners by Kim Kusiciel

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5 years ago
How to Make "On My Own" Bags for Your Independent Learners

Kids of all ages yearn for independence. They especially love to do things themselves. Why not let them? Set them up for success by making "On My Own" play bags this summer. To make them, collect the following items:

  • resealable plastic bags (such as Ziploc)
  • bin, box or crate of choice 
  • small toy collections
  • play or craft dough
  • LEGOs
  • coloring supplies
  • stickers
  • blank paper
  • glue sticks
  • chalk
  • books
  • small items to sort
  • flashcards
  • anything else your little one is into 

Next, sort the items into the bags. Label them and tape a photo of the items to the outside of the bag so your child can put everything away on their his, too. Put the bags in your bin or box and keep it handy. It's a sanity saver for you, allows them to feel independent and creates an environment of choice and creativity for them!

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