Parents: By Taking Care of Yourself, You Can Give More Care to Your Kids by Pepi Silverman

5 years ago
Parents: By Taking Care of Yourself, You Can Give More Care to Your Kids

Parenting is an all-consuming job. In the giving of our hearts to our children, we can become isolated from other relationships that can help to sustain us. Here are some ways that parents can reach out to develop relationships:  

  • Chaperone field trips when additional help is needed.
  • Allow others to help, when they extend a hand of assistance. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, when it is needed. 
  • Stay connected to loved ones. 
  • Share joys and struggles with those who are close. 
  • Build relationships by identifying other parents with whom you share common interests. 
  • Extend appreciation for the gifts that make life worthwhile. 

By nourishing ourselves, we have more to give to our children. Take time to give and accept support as it is needed and the benefits will be beyond measure.

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