Excited About Black Friday? Criminals Are, Too! Safety Tips You Need to Know! by Holly Budde

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5 years ago

Excited About Black Friday? Criminals Are, Too! Safety Tips You Need to Know!

Black Friday has become a woman's sport challenge of the year. Guess what? Criminals know this, too. Recently, I was talking with a police officer who said it was his busiest day of the year! So here are some tips to keep you safe!

  • Don't lock your purse in the trunk. If you can, take only the credit card you're using, other necessary items and leave the purse behind.
  • Be careful not to leave newly purchased items in view.
  • Make sure you have a "meetup" spot in case you get separated from others.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don't shop alone and park only in well-lit places.

Happy shopping!

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Mike Prochaska
Wow thanks for reminding me. I have to admit stuff like this never crosses me mind
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for these important tips, Holly Budde ! Whenever I shop on a busy day or travel or go to an amusement park or something like that, I leave my regular purse at home and take a small shoulder bag with just the essentials. It's lighter and helps with what you mention above- just in case!

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