How to Turn Rainy Day Blues Into Positive Actions (Oh, Let It Rain)! by Nancy Dafoe

2 years ago
How to Turn Rainy Day Blues Into Positive Actions (Oh, Let It Rain)!

It has been raining on and off for nearly a month. Yes, it is early June in upstate New York, but even here, that is too much gray sky. I’m a writer, and I don’t feel like writing. On a rainy day, I also don’t feel guilty staying inside and sorting my library or office, playing my music loudly, dancing a little between cleaning projects. Here’s my rainy day list:

  • Sort and toss clothes in closet.
  • Get rid of clutter on kitchen counters.
  • Organize files, both personal and business.
  • Teach my dog a new trick. He’s getting older, but he still loves this.
  • I’m in the mood again, so write a poem.

Reward: curling up in a favorite chair with a soft blanket, my pup at my feet, a great new read from the library in my hands and a cup of Earl Grey tea at my side. Keep raining, please.

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
What a great way to view a rainy day, Nancy Dafoe! Thanks for the inspiration!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This is so cozy and lovely, Nancy Dafoe , and I love the photo of you! :-)
Nancy Dafoe
Thank you, Elisa. How do you manage your time?
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I would say by the skin of my teeth, LOL! Nancy Dafoe , the reality is, if it's not in my calendar, it doesn't get done. So I keep a vigilant eye on my calendar. When I find downtime, I try to fit in yoga and walks. They both inspire me! Thank you for sparking this great discussion!

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