This Parenting Hack Might Save Your Tweens & Teens in an Emergency! by Kim Kusiciel

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5 years ago
This Parenting Hack Might Save Your Tweens & Teens in an Emergency!

Kids today have access to tech and phones at an earlier age. As your kids enter the age of exploring town without a parent and with others who are testing limits or making unsafe choices, make this parenting pact with your friends: Agree to have your children put their friend's parent’s phone numbers into their phones and set some guidelines. That way if they need you but can't get a hold of you, they know who to call next.

Or, if they need advice, but don't feel comfortable asking you, they might reach out to another mom. Even safer yet, if they are in trouble and don't want to get "caught" but want to be safe, they can call another mom or dad for help. Please talk to your kids and ask them to take 30 seconds and do this right now. It might just save a life!

Donna John
What a great idea, Kim Kusiciel ! Kids can never have too many adults they trust to reach out to. What are the guidelines you set?
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Love this idea, Kim Kusiciel ! It truly takes a village, and for kids to know they have access to another trusted adult is a wonderful safety net!
Ann Marie Patitucci
What a great safety tip! The more trusted adults in our kids' lives the better! Thanks, Kim Kusiciel !
Kim Kusiciel
Thanks for asking Donna John! We have a deal that we will always report to the other parent when it's a safety, health, or emergency need. We also agree that whatever information is shared is kept confidential between both sets of parents. Although none of our kids are at this age yet, we plan on a "no questions" asked mentality when getting kids home safe is the number one priority. Then the parents can take it from there. Trust is the key ingredient here. It takes a trusting relationship between your kids, their friends, and their parents to make this successful. It's also a good idea to spread the scope to older or younger neighbors on your block. Then, you can really be of service to the next generation and help keep everyone safe.
Meredith Schneider
Love this Kim Kusiciel ! Me with 4 kids and 2 out of 4 with a phone just my 15yr old son and 12yr old daughter. My 8yr old wants a phone and I feel there just isn't a need for an 8yr old to have a phone. I have all my kids friends parents numbers but never thought of them having their numbers as well. Like Donna John said, can never have too many trusting adults for our kids to turn to.

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