Hate: What Significance Does the Word Hold for You? A Must-Read for Parents! by S Roberts

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6 years ago

Hate: What Significance Does the Word Hold for You? A Must-Read for Parents!

This is an experience I had I would simply like to share and hope it will be as beneficial for you as it has me. I was picking my daughter up from preschool not long after 9/11. When I walked into the room a couple moms and the teacher were talking about 9/11, so I joined them. One mom said how it was driven simply by hate, and the teacher responded, "such a strong word." In that moment, the word hate took on a significance that's kept me from using it since, except when it truly applies and I've taught my children the same. 

When I hear someone use the word hate lightly in regards to, say, the weather or the color yellow, the image of the twin towers engulfed in flames comes to mind and I think (recognizing it's my opinion not fact) that's the same word that drove those attacks.

Donna John
What a wonderful tip, Stacey Roberts . Hate is not a word that should be used lightly. I'm the same way with my kids. If I hear it, I'll ask, "Do you truly hate _____?" The answer is almost always no. Thanks so much for sharing this with the tribe!
Elisa Schmitz
Hate is such a loaded word, and one that is used far too freely. Thank you, Stacey Roberts , for sharing this wonderful perspective!
S Roberts
Loaded really nails it! I was listening to NPR once and a guy was talking about how we use words in a way that causes them to lose their significance. He used incredible as an example, but it really made me stop and think how true it is and since then I try to reserve the usage of words such as incredible or awesome and especially hate for when it's really worth it. Like anything, it can be taken to the extreme, but if common sense can be applied it does make a difference in how the words we use affects the tone of our communication.
And I'd like to tell you how awesome (in the true sense of the word) 30Seconds is, I learn so many new things daily.
Elisa Schmitz
Agreed. Thank you so much for sharing, Stacey Roberts ! And thank you for your kind words about 30Seconds. We so appreciate you and are glad you're a member of our tribe, chica!!
Katie Sloan
Having kids had made me realize how careless I am/ was with words. I no longer "hate" getting up in the morning but I would prefer to sleep longer. 🙂
Meredith Schneider
Oh wow Stacey Roberts! So glad to hear I'm not the only one that encourages their children not to use "hate", instead say I don't like cheese.
S Roberts
Do any of you remember reading or still do read The Best Nest to your kids? I was given the classic Dr. Suess set that included this as well as 10 Apples Up On Top, Go, Dog, Go and a couple others for a baby shower gift for my daughter. Even though it was before 9/11 I couldn't read the word hate, then after 9/11 I threw it away.

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