Teenagers Are Starving for More Than Food: Here Are 3 Things All Teens Need Daily! by Sheryl Gould

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6 years ago

Teenagers Are Starving for More Than Food: Here Are 3 Things All Teens Need Daily!

Teenagers are starving. Not only for food (we know how hungry they are), but also for:

  • positive attention
  • unconditional love 
  • acceptance

Unconditional love can turn the most difficult child around. Even if your teen acts like they hate you sometimes, they're starving to know that you accept them for who they are. Teens have a sixth sense when they're being judged and criticized. The world they live in sends them daily messages that they’re not good enough. Did you know that for every negative our kids receive they need five positives to balance it out? Rather than focusing on their negative behavior, look for things that you can affirm them for daily. Show and tell them how much you appreciate them. Write it down. Paste it on their mirror. Watch and see the difference it makes!

Donna John
Love this, Sheryl Gould ! You put it so well. Crazy how we parents tend to focus more on the negative. Great reminder!
Sheryl Gould
Thanks Donna John . I know! It's so easy to do. I believe we do it with good intentions to help them to succeed and to be responsible and yet, they respond so much more to the positive affirmation! I remind myself to look for those positive things and say it out loud.XO
Elisa Schmitz
I absolutely love this! Thanks, Sheryl Gould !
Laurie Koslow-Pisciotta
I like the idea of putting those notes on their mirrors!! I am a firm believer in "pouring" all that is good into my kids... lifting, praising and encouraging them to be all that they were created for !! It is my job, as their parent, to help nurture those "seeds of greatness" that lie within their hearts... so they know that they can accomplish & do anything they set their minds to w/ consistency & work!! :)
Sheryl Gould
Laurie Koslow-Pisciotta - I LOVE that Laurie. I just noticed you joined the tribe here at 30Seconds and the Moms of Tweens and Teens community too! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I can tell I'm going to learn a lot from you already! :)
Laurie Koslow-Pisciotta
Hi Sheryl!!
I am happy to be a part of the "tribe"& look forward to learning & sharing💗
Laurie Koslow-Pisciotta
weird question for you.... Is this "30 seconds" group on FB too?
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, we are Laurie. Search 30Seconds and join us there. We're happy to have you! Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this tip, Sheryl Gould ! I write about bucket filling, which is often used in elementary school, but it works for older kids, too. We need to FILL our kids' buckets, not empty them. There are plenty of people who will empty them- at school, on social media. WE need to be the fillers in their lives!

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