Kids Struggling With Math? Grab Your Measuring Cups & Try This! by Holly Budde

Kids Struggling With Math? Grab Your Measuring Cups & Try This!

Fractions? Yuck!! My third-grader was struggling at first – it was foreign numbers to her. Of course, school doesn’t teach her the way I remember being taught. So you know I was "doing it wrong!"

To help her understand what she was adding together or subtracting I got out the measuring cups and showed her we are actually adding fractions when we cook together. This helped her visualize fractions the same way she had when counting objects as a little tike. Suddenly they weren’t as abstract to her.

When she went back to class she had a better understanding. Her grade came up and better still, her anxiety over them eased. She is now multiplying and dividing them with much more ease.

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