Don't Let Summer Break Stop Student Learning: 6 Ways to Keep It Going! by Pepi Silverman

3 years ago
Don't Let Summer Break Stop Student Learning: 6 Ways to Keep It Going!

Time away from school can cause students to digress two to three months in their academic abilities. Yet, by allocating a half an hour a day, students have the possibility of performing at higher levels in the fall than they did at the end of the year. Summer can provide students of all ages opportunities to strengthen their academic skills.

  • Put “learning” into the daily schedule.
  • Practice the structure of words by studying prefixes and suffixes.
  • Develop opportunities to integrate math in daily life activities.
  • Start a family book club.
  • Make creative writing relevant with pen pals.
  • Combine study and summer fun, so that “learning” takes on a new "real-life' meaning. 

Take student experiences out of the classroom, so that they see learning opportunities everywhere.

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