Proud to Call 1871 Chicago Home: Watch This Inspiring Video Celebrating 5 Years! by Elisa Schmitz

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6 years ago

We celebrated 1871 Chicago's fifth anniversary this past Friday. 1871 is a tech incubator that's home to Chicago's leading entrepreneurs, and it's where startups launch. This was exciting not only because it's where 30Seconds (and many other leading tech startups) is based, but also because it's an entrepreneurial success story in its own right. What was once just an idea dreamed up by visionary J.B. Pritzker (who is now running for Governor of Illinois) has become an institution; a force that's behind growth, jobs, success.

"Five years ago, 1871 was just an idea. We wanted to build a place where startups could get off the ground and grow and mature," says J.B. Pritzker, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, politician and dad. "Five years later, all of you should be proud of what this place has turned into. You're the ones responsible for making it what it is."

"Chicagoness dictates that there is no I; no ME…It’s always WE and WE can do the necessary things to take 1871 to the next step in its journey as the most innovative incubation platform/aggregator in the region," says Jim O'Connor, chairman of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center.

"The best entrepreneurs are always looking ahead – not backwards. It's always about new challenges. Dream. Dream again. Dream bigger. And don’t stop dreaming ever," says 1871 CEO Howard Tullman. "Our job – what we come to work to do every day – is simple. We take the uncertain leaps. We lead the way. We build the future."

At 30Seconds, we live these inspiring words. We are proud to be among 1871's first startup members. Now, hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs call it home, and are doing great things inside its walls every day. It's a community we are proud to be part of. Cheers to the next five years!

(This video is longer than 30Seconds, but it's worth it!)

Elisa Schmitz
This was an amazing night, marking an incredible five years of growth. So proud to be part of 1871!
Nicole DeAvilla
It's so exciting to see the growth and amazing opportunities of 1871 and to know that 30Seconds is part of the growth! Go Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and #GoTeam and #LoveThisTribe
Ann Marie Patitucci
Congrats to you, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds, and to all the amazing entrepreneurs at 1871! Here's to many more years of success and growth!
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you, Nicole DeAvilla and Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! It's an incredible launching pad, and we are thrilled to call it home base! 👍
Donna John
What an inspiring video about 1871! What an amazing group of people to have in your corner. Can only imagine the future! #goteam #LoveThisTribe Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds

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