Mom, Are You Guilty of Mental Gymnastics? Here's a Reality Check! by Holly Budde

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6 years ago

Mom, Are You Guilty of Mental Gymnastics? Here's a Reality Check!

Constantly thinking of what you need to do next is quite possibly the single most debilitating thing a woman can do.

  • When I'm at the office I'm thinking of what needs to be done at home and vise versa.
  • Evening runs with kids, I'm planning dinner.
  • When cooking dinner, I'm also paying bills.

My dear friend calls this mental gymnastics. She's 100 percent right. It's exhausting focusing on too many things at once. I have fallen into bed with a mind still racing, and wake up trying to pick up where I left off, wondering how I would get it all done! When my friend called me out on this, I began to realize that I was exhausting myself and missing important goals. Busy is overrated! Focus is much harder to achieve. Give yourself the freedom to focus on what you are doing – right now!

Ann Marie Patitucci
So THAT's what it's called! I am 100% guilty of this. Perhaps this is why I'm mentally exhausted all.the.time. Thanks for sharing this, Holly Budde !
Mike Prochaska
Yeah I find myself doing this now at work thinking about all the stuff I need to do at home
Mike Prochaska
So dads do it too not just moms
Jen Imbaro
I started bullet journalling last spring, and find it helps with focus. If my mind wanders to plans for something else, I can write it down, knowing I won't forget, and can come back to it later.

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