The Power of a Good Question: How It Can Lead to a Deeper Understanding for Kids! by Pepi Silverman

4 years ago
The Power of a Good Question: How It Can Lead to a Deeper Understanding for Kids!

Learning is about inquiry. It isn’t necessarily about what is known, but rather, the curiosity to know. In order to instill that curiosity for learning, help children to ask meaningful questions. By helping children to seek out knowledge, they will not only benefit from the answers that they find, but they will become empowered by the pursuit of the investigation. Encourage questioning by employing the following strategies: 

  • Create reasons for asking questions.
  • Encourage curiosity.
  • Promote “what if” questions.
  • Reflect upon new ideas to seek a deeper understanding.
  • Strive for creativity through deeper investigation.

As children become actively involved in their learning, they develop their own understanding of what they have learned, encouraging deeper studies in the future.

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
As a teacher and the kid who always had a ton of questions for my parents & teachers, I love this so much! Thanks, Pepi Silverman !

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