Do You Swear Like a Mother? A Kraft Mac & Cheese Survey Says You Probably Do! (What the Frog?) by Donna John

3 years ago

Did you know 74 percent of moms admit to swearing in front of their kids? It’s true! According to a Kraft Mac and Cheese study, the following is also a millennial parent's truth:

  • Millennial parents have an average of three “oops” moments a week.
  • Most are able to laugh them off (90 percent) and feel it’s necessary not to take them too seriously (84 percent).
  • More than 9 in 10 millennial parents feel “oops moments” are a natural part of parenting.
  • 85 percent of millennial parents are not embarrassed to admit a parenting fail to their friends and family.
  • Over 55 percent are even inclined to share their parenting fails on social media!
  • 54 percent have called their child by the wrong name.
  • 41 percent have put their child’s clothes on backwards or inside out.

To celebrate these perfectly imperfect parents, Kraft created a film on alternative swear words moms can use around the little ones to prevent parenting fails. It’s longer than 30 seconds, but we don’t give a flying frog shitaki mushroom. And be sure to check out!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Bahahaha! This is "fricking" hilarious! Thanks for sharing, Donna John !
S Roberts
For a person who literally exited the womb with a (controlled) potty mouth, this is beyond hilarious and refreshing. It had to have been due to a higher power that kept me from never cussing in front of my kids til a couple yrs ago when my youngest was 10-11. I keep it tame at home and it's never directed towards anyone in an angry fashion, more jokingly and I take the better safe than sorry route if I don't know my audience, but it's just part of who I am. My husband on the other hand, the one time he said "just for the h#%l of it", I told him not to do it anymore because he didn't do it justice! Thanks Donna for sharing
Donna John
LOL, Stacey Roberts ! I can relate to the potty mouth, and it's getting worse the older I get. My dad sounds like your husband. The worst thing I've heard out of his mouth is "dead-gum." My kids are on a mission to get him to say "fart." :-) Oh, I am LOVING my Bagwell! Great product!
Mike Prochaska
Of course all parents do.. and my mom taught me my first sware word while we working around the fucking house as a kid..
And guess which fucking word my son picked
Up first.. oops just glad not the only one

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