10 Signs That You May Need a Break From Social Media! by Holly Brown MFT

2 years ago
10 Signs That You May Need a Break From Social Media!

Many of us feel inundated by the politics in your Facebook news feed, or maybe by the images of other people’s seemingly perfect lives. You know you need a social media holiday if you:

  1. Feel demoralized and hopeless every time you log in. 
  2. Are losing large amounts of time and neglecting tasks that you value more. 
  3. Wind up feeling inadequate compared to others. 
  4. Feel more judgmental of yourself and others. 
  5. Are writing nasty things to other people. 
  6. Are jumping on social media more than once an hour. 
  7. If the thought of NOT being on social media sites fills you with anxiety and fear. 
  8. You’re craving pings all the time. 
  9. You’re not connecting with people in person. 
  10. You go to check one thing and the suddenly, it’s a joyless hour later.

So what's the verdict?

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
This applies to more of us than I care to admit, hollybrownMFT ! Thank you for putting this out there!!
Holly Brown MFT
It's a powerful force for good and ill that we've all got to contend with (and help the next generation contend with, too.)

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