Are Fidget Spinners a Blessing or a Curse? Here's What Some Schools Are Saying! by Kim Kusiciel

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24 days ago
Are Fidget Spinners a Blessing or a Curse? Here's What Some Schools Are Saying!

If you don't have young children or if this craze hasn't hit your town yet, you may not have heard of a fidget spinner. They are a three-pronged spinning toy that, when held between two fingers, will spin and spin and spin. These toys are the latest trend to hit classrooms. They are a wonderful tool for children with special needs because it helps them stay calm and focused in class. However, for the children that do not need them, they are a nuisance.

When used as a toy, these are often a distraction in the classroom. Teachers are sending notes home banning them from class. Some districts are even writing policies preventing the use of them except for the children whose 504 plan (read Pepi Silverman's tip about it here) or IEP states the need for them. I say, keep the toy at home and tool at school.

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Donna John
This is news to me, Kim Kusiciel ! Interesting. Thanks for bringing this issue into the light for the community!
Kim Kusiciel
Donna John, it's crazy right now where I live. People are stalking stores to find them. Interesting to note if you are looking for one, head to 7 Eleven!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, I had no idea this had become such a big issue! Thanks for the insight, Kim Kusiciel ! xo
Renee Herren
There are so many other fidget options that are beneficial and not a distraction (to anyone). I wish those would be considered before the spinners!
Kim Kusiciel
I agree Renee Herren! I hope this spinner fad fades soon.
Christine Jones
So funny, all of my kids (15, 10 & 7) have them and they're all over their school! I didn't realize that they were becoming such a distraction. Thanks for sharing Kim Kusiciel
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
The craze has hit our town (and home) for sure! I agree completely with your point of view, @momkusiciel. Some kids really benefit from fidgeting, while others uses the spinners and other devices as toys. And I agree with you, Renee Herren : there are better options than the spinners!
Kim Kusiciel
Here's more info from a CNN article: All your questions about fidget spinners, answered - CNN
Kim Kusiciel
I just read a horrible incident of a child that accidentally swallowed one of the fittings from a fidget spinner. Be careful and make sure your kids know not to put any parts in their mouths. The child is ok, thankfully!!!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
My teenage daughter just brought one of these home. Not just for little kids, apparently! Thanks to Kim Kusiciel , I knew what it was, LOL! ❤️
Kim Kusiciel
So true! My hubby loves to spin them, too. Plus, they offer a good lesson in problem-solving and design. My 9-year-old son is now making his own. He started making them out of legos. Now, he has created a template with cardboard and is figuring out how to create the spin effect. He started with a toothpick in the middle but noticed it had too much friction. He can't wait to work on it after school today.
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
How cool is that?! Creative family, Kim Kusiciel !
Shannon Watanuki
As a teacher mom, I think they are no different from any other craze or phase. Hello Crazy Bones and Shopkins! It's fun to collect and be in on the chatter with your friends. Spin away kiddos, just not during direct instruction!

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