Going Through a Divorce? 3 Steps You Can Take to Save Your Kids From Some of the Pain by Ingrid Echter

4 years ago
Going Through a Divorce? 3 Steps You Can Take to Save Your Kids From Some of the Pain

Raising children after divorce, especially immediately after separation, is difficult for women, but it is also tough on the kids. Here are three major steps you can take to save your child from some of the pains of divorce.

  • Deal with adult issues with the other parent when the child is not present to hear or witness the conversation.
  • Schedule your own time with a support group (be it friends, family or professional help), to release your frustrations and everything negative that you want to get out of yourself.
  • Do things you enjoy and that make you happy so you bring that energy to your child.

Please fill out (or share) this quick form if your parents were separated. It's to help other parents understand what it's like for their kids, so they have more resources to help them cope.   

William Early
Going through a divorce with kids especially hard. You have to explain to your child that there is no his fault in everything that's happening. During my divorce in service, I often had a quarrels with my husband in front of our child. I wish I could behave differently in that situation.

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