"Finding Zoe": A Beautiful Journey Into the World of Adoption & the Deaf Community by Donna John

6 years ago

"Finding Zoe": A Beautiful Journey Into the World of Adoption & the Deaf Community

The title of this fascinating book may lead you to believe you have to be involved in adoption to appreciate it. That would be an incorrect assumption. "Finding Zoe" not only explores the adoption process, but takes you into the deaf culture, explaining the clash between different ways of thinking in the world of the deaf population in this country – something I had never thought about. The book does this through Brandi Rarus’ story, who lost her hearing at age 6 due to spinal meningitis and had to make a choice between being fully in the deaf world or adjusting to the hearing community. And, a woman who knew in her heart she was meant to have a daughter. Enter Zoe.

The book does a beautiful job of sharing not only Brandi’s adoption journey, but everyone involved. You’ll travel down the roads of Jess and BJ, the biological parents of Zoe; Jess and BJ’s parents; Tim, Brandi’s husband, and others who are sometimes overlooked in the often-complicated adoption process. Spirited, uplifting and educational, "Finding Zoe" will pull you in and get you emotionally vested from the first page until the final one. It’s a must-read for anyone considering adoption or who has been fortunate enough to adopt a child into their family – deaf or not.

Our very own Gail Harris, who writes from a place of purity and generosity of spirit, had her own journey through adoption and brings Brandi's story to life. Am I surprised by this? No, because if she can resonate and impact lives the way she does in 30 seconds, you can only image what she can do with a whole book. (Read her 30Seconds tips here.)

Thank you, Brandi and Tim, for allowing me to take a glimpse into your lives – even for the briefest time – and live your pain, struggles, accomplishments, dreams and victories with you. “Finding Zoe” is a book that will leave a little something in your heart after you tuck it back into its place on the bookshelf.  

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, what a beautifully written review of a beautifully written book! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this wonderful story with us, Donna John , and thank you for the gift of this book, Gail Harris ! We love all you share with our community!! xoxo
Gail Harris
Thank you @elisa. I so appreciate your words. I'm glad that Donna John was able to review it and saw the gift in the story. It really is for everyone who values being true to themselves. Thank you again Donna. It was a beautiful, heartfelt review.
Barb Desmarais
What a lovely story. When I married my husband in 1985, he was the custodial parents of his twin, deaf, five year old sons. Sign Language and the Deaf culture became a daily part of my life. I saw it as a privilege.
Gail Harris
@barb. I would see it as a privilege too. I saw it as a privilege to tell the story. I had never known a deaf person before I started working with brandi to tell her story. Deaf culture and history and ASL was a revelation to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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