Is Your Child an Early Riser? Catch a Few More Winks With This Clever Idea! by Eirene Heidelberger

4 years ago

If your child tends to rise in the morning before you’re ready to see his smiling sweet face, here’s a solution!

  • As part of your child's bedtime routine, set out basic pieces of paper and Crayola erasable coloring pencils that are age appropriate for your child.
  • Discuss with your child that if he wakes after a full night's sleep and before it is his "rescue time"(aka the time you enter his room to begin his day), he can work on his colorings and show off his artwork when it is morning time.

Children love being creative and sharing their masterpieces, but not nearly as much as we mamas love sleep. Boundaries in parenting are crucial – and are simple – when children are provided with an action plan.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So smart, Eirene Heidelberger ! Spot on, chica. Thanks for the great video - your son is adorable! 😀
Jamie Martin
When my son was still in a crib, I would put books on the top bookshelf that was next to his crib. When he woke up early, he would get his books and look at them while I got more sleep! Then when he was just out of his crib, I gave him a digital clock and told him he had to stay in his bed until 6. After 6, he could play in his room and at 7 he could come wake me up! Life savers...
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Great idea! More sleep for Moms & more learning for kiddos!
Eirene Heidelberger
Thank you! Love seeing your posts Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead! Sweet dreams.

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