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#30Seconds In-Depth: Stress Relief Through Laughter & Coloring With Kathy Shimmield! by Donna John

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#30Seconds In-Depth: Stress Relief Through Laughter & Coloring With Kathy Shimmield!

We all know life as a mom can be hard! Sometimes a little laughter, TLC and maybe some wine is what is needed to get you through to the next day. This week our very own Kathy Shimmield was our guest for our #30Seconds Twitter chat and shared her thoughts on how it's often the little things that can give you the TLC you need as a mom. Read on for her tips!

Q: What quick tips do you think can help a mom get through a rough day?

It’s the tiny things that help the most because they are the easiest to implement. Instead of using that 10 minutes to fold laundry have a cup of tea. I’ve not heard of a mom yet who died because she wore wrinkled yoga pants, but that tea break could help calm frazzled nerves.

Q: What as a mom do you need to work on most?

Easy! Negative self-talk. I’ve GOT to stop that! Negative self-talk is so hurtful, but so hard to combat. You have to really be relentless in correcting that tape player in your head to say supportive things. Also, I need to let others help me more. even if they don’t do stuff “my” way that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Q: What do you think about kids helping with house chores?

My rule is once you can easily reach the bottom of the washer you’re doing your own damn laundry! And now all three kids (ages 14, 15, 17) have been doing their laundry since they were 12. True, if I ask for help with regular housework it’s not always done as I would do it, but it’s about teaching helpfulness. And it lets them realize firsthand all the stuff you have to do. Makes them more appreciative, if only for five minutes! LOL.

Q: What made you decide to write “Goodnight Mom?”

Honestly, it just popped into my head one day and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! It’s really accurate and gives me a giggle each time I read it. It’s also brief, which is helpful since I have NO time. It took a while to pull it all together but I’m really proud of the end result.

Q: You have done other fun books for mom before, correct?

Yes, the “A Day in the Life of Mom” coloring book series. Basically, satirical pages that you can color describing what a mom goes through. Just taking a few minutes to sit quietly and color can reduce stress and improve overall health. It's also a fun activity for a mom to do while her kids are coloring in their coloring books. The coloring books are for sale on and soon they’ll be available in the 30Seconds Rewards Store!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Yay, can't wait for this chat! Thanks, Kathy Shimmield !
Kim Kusiciel
After my surgeries, my kids and I would color together. It was really helpful for all of us.
Nicole DeAvilla
Coloring is great. I made my husband, sister, mom and college age son decorate easter eggs by simply coloring with crayons. They all grumbled abut doing it, then everyone got into the flow and had a really good time.
Nicole DeAvilla
I love your humor and perspective on life Kathy Shimmield ! I am sooo looking forward to tonight!
sherry bracy
This will be so much fun Kathy! cant wait to chat with you! :)

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