Not Sure How Your Dog Will React to the New Baby? 4 Tips to Make the Transition Easier! by Tori Ulrich

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a year ago
Not Sure How Your Dog Will React to the New Baby? 4 Tips to Make the Transition Easier!

Before the first human child arrives, many of us are already parents. Pets are often the first "children" and are the center of attention pre-baby. Get your furbabies (FB) ready for the new arrival and make the actual arrival a bit less stressful! Here are four tips!

  • Get a treat jar just for the nursery. Give one to FB when you go into the nursery pre- and post-birth so that it's a positive place to be.
  • Let them sniff all the new baby stuff as you get it and let them '"help" get the room ready.
  • Put a bed/blanket in the nursery for the FB so they know they have a safe spot in this new room.
  • Try not to be frustrated if the FB gets agitated when the baby cries. They sense distress and are trying to help (like when YOU cry). They just want to know and love their new sibling. 

Set them (and you) up for success!

Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Awesome tips for our fur-babies, Tori Ulrich ! Thanks for thinking of all our kids, LOL!
Meredith Schneider
Awesome reminder Tori Ulrich! We have 4 dogs and made sure we didn't leave them out when we brought home each baby.. They just got to the point of giving me a look like, "Really you brought home another one!" LOL!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
What wonderful advice, Tori Ulrich ! Thanks for sharing it! I had a FB before bringing home our first human baby and I can relate so much to this!

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