Boss Baby? No Thank You! Aren't We Teaching Our Kids to Avoid This Behavior? by Tori Ulrich

5 years ago

Boss Baby? No Thank You! Aren't We Teaching Our Kids to Avoid This Behavior?

I'll admit, I've not seen the movie "Boss Baby," but I've read the book and I've seen a million previews, and every time I see it I cringe. I know that it has probably got some great slapstick humor, there seems to be sibling love and working together, and I'm sure there is a happy ending. But the other parts – the back talk, the lying, the breaking rules – all for humor?? No thank you.

We all work too hard to raise polite, kind, mindful children (I hope). If this is true, then why on earth are we teaching our kids its funny to be rude, to talk back, to make jokes at the expense of others and to make parents look stupid? Maybe I’m overreacting? Maybe if I saw it I’d think differently, but (almost daily) I hear moms tell me how hard it is to raise polite children.

Is this not a big step backwards?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I have not seen the movie or read the book, but now I want to! Curious!! Thanks, Tori Ulrich ​​, for this perspective! 😀
Tori Ulrich
I loved the book, but the movie has a different feeling for me. Looking forward to hearing what you think :)
I have not seen the movie yet either but several of my friends have. I can understand your concerns but it is a cartoon. I grew up watching tom and jerry go at it, but it didn't affect my morals or behavior. Guess it's up to each mom's judgement on whether or not her kid can understand that this is make believe.
Tori Ulrich
I see this Tom and Jerry argument too and several others have mentioned it in response to this post. I think that I just have SUCH a tough time with sassy mouths that this struck a particular chord with me. The general consensus from most moms that have seen it have said its pretty funny and that the previews are deceiving.
It is hilarious! If you have any qualms about it, just discuss it with your kids.
Erin Musto
I agree. I love funny movies, but I don't like that type of behavior seen as a normal. I see it often in Disney shows too, my girls think I am crazy for saying no to those shows. I see tweens treating their friends terribly, telling parents lies with no consequences.
My parents were quite strict with out TV time, and since there was one screen in the house it was hard for us to break this rule.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Many children are exposed to these kind of movies and TV shows and they think this is how you should be behaving. In our schools, children are modeling these terrible behaviors because it is what they are exposed to. There is less and less adult/teacher respect from children I believe due to this kind of media. Children do not have the cognitive ability to understand the difference. Just awful!
Ariane Russell
Hahaha. This is really stupid. How can you have such an opinion on something you haven't seen? Hahaha.
Do your kids decide they don't like the taste of something without ever tasting it too?

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