Plastic Easter Eggs: 4 Fun Ways to Use Them That Kids & Parents Will Love by Christine Jones

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4 years ago

It's Easter time, which means you probably have a ton of those plastic Easter eggs lying around. Here are some fun and useful things to do with them to get them out of the house after Easter! 

  • Treasure Hunt: I always store some away to use for an impromptu backyard treasure hunt during the summer or an indoor hunt on rainy days. Fill them with Goldfish crackers or fruit chews and the kids have a blast. Such an unexpected thing to do in the summer and you'll get points for being a fun mom.
  • Color Sort for Little Ones: Mix and match the different colors for the bottom and the tops and let them sort them back into solid-colored eggs.
  • Fun Learning Math Facts: Write age-appropriate math problems on small pieces of paper and hide with a treat in an egg. Give your kids a basket of eight or 12 eggs and watch their eyes light up! Of course, they have to answer the math problem correctly before keeping the treats inside.
  • Lunch Time Notes: These eggs are the perfect size to fill with their favorite snacks like Goldfish crackers, yogurt-covered pretzels or fruit chews. Use a Sharpie to write a sweet note on the egg and drop it into their lunchboxes. 

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