Being Fearless: Why the Unexpected Gifts of Being Mindful Are Everywhere! by Laurie Balles Simpson

7 years ago

Being Fearless: Why the Unexpected Gifts of Being Mindful Are Everywhere!

It's a thin silver bracelet with "FEARLESS" delicately etched on it. I found it online as a gift for my niece to help her be mindful. She's a beautiful soul and more fearless than she realizes. I was picturing her looking down at it as a reminder when things got tough.

When the bracelet arrived it was much smaller than expected. I decided I'd bring her a card with cash and the bracelet, too, just in case it might fit. Unfortunately it didn't, not comfortably anyway. The next morning I decided I'd try it on and, surprisingly, it fit. I've been wearing it ever since. I cherish it and have found myself looking down at it often. I may be 30 years older than her with a whole new set of worries and woes, but wouldn't you know, that thin silver bracelet is doing just what it was intended to!

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Laurie Balles Simpson! Sometimes we need a little reminder of just how fearless, how strong, how amazing we really are. :)
Laurie Balles Simpson
We sure do don't we!! Cheers to that!
Brenda Zook
I love that word - fearless -- it is empowering. I am more fearless since I am in my 50's than I was in my 40's and younger for sure. Thanks for sharing Laurie! Love you, BZ
Elisa Schmitz
One of my favorite quotes is, "Feel the fear and do it anyway." I would love to be fearless, and work on it every single day. Many thanks for this inspiring tip, Laurie Balles Simpson ! xo
Stephanie Cannoe
My Uncle told me I need to face my fears daily. That has stayed with me, he died too young because he could not do that. His words and hope remain with me. I need to find a fearless bracelet too ! Fantastic reminder.
Laurie Balles Simpson
It's my favorite piece of jewelry! Cheers to celebrating the wise words of your Uncle and yourself.
Lance Francisco
Facing our fears and lifes challenges can be absolutely crippling for some. Simple little daily reminders may be the key to facing them. I've found that quick response usually ends with better outcomes, rather than letting things stew. Thank you Laurie.
Elisa Schmitz
Been thinking a lot about fearlessness in this current climate, which is making it more challenging. Are you still wearing your bracelet, Laurie Balles Simpson ? Donna John Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Stephanie Cannoe

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