"I'm Pregnant!" Why This Is One April Fool's Day "Joke" You Should Avoid! by Kimberly Johnson

10 months ago
"I'm Pregnant!" Why This Is One April Fool's Day "Joke" You Should Avoid!

You've probably seen them. You may have even chuckled at one before. But I'm here to ask you NOT to post, like or share any "jokes" about being pregnant this April Fool's Day.

I'm very blessed. I had no complications or issues becoming pregnant. I haven't personally suffered a miscarriage or loss, so I'm not a person who is "over sensitive" (an overused and weak label people throw around) because of my own personal history. Yet without fail every year, I find myself cringing at these "jokes." I have seen countless friends struggle to have babies. I've hugged them, wiped their tears and spoken for hours with them about the emotional, physical and financial hardships they face on their journeys.

It's not a sensitivity issue – it's about common decency, compassion and kindness.

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