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#30Seconds Live: How and Why to Get Moving With Dance Therapist Erica Hornthal! by Christine Jones

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Movement is a fundamental need for all of us, and it has so many important physical and psychological benefits. If we're not moving, we're not living. This week we dedicated both our 30 Minutes With #30Seconds livestream and #30Seconds Twitter chat to this important topic. Our very own Erica Hornthal, licensed professional clinical counselor, board certified dance/movement therapist and founder/CEO of North Shore Dance Therapy, was our featured guest at both!

Q: Why does movement matter?

  • Movement matters because it accounts for 80 percent of our communication.
  • Movement matters in childhood development. It helps mark milestones in cognitive development as well.
  • Movement allows us to form relationships and build self-esteem.
  • Movement matters when making first impressions throughout our lives – business, dating, play, etc.

Q: When you say movement, you mean exercise, right?

Movement is not just exercise. Movement is breathing, blinking, stretching, gesturing. If we are not moving in some capacity, we are not living. A lack of movement can signal not only physical problems, but emotional ones as well.

Q: How does movement facilitate communication?

Our bodies are always talking. Mirroring someone else’s movements builds empathy and compassion. A closed body posture can hinder and limit open communication. Certain movements can help build trust and help our loved ones feel understood.

Q: How can incorporating movement into my daily life help me be a better parent?

  • Movement enables productivity.
  • Movement sparks creativity and imagination which help us play with our kids.
  • Movement allows for a release of tension in the body.
  • Movement helps us find compassion for ourselves and to “let go” of what we cannot control.

Q: How can I incorporate movement if I sit at a desk all day?

  • Take a stretch break.
  • Tune into your breath.
  • Do a body scan and just take time to notice any sensations in the body without judgment.
  • Take a walk, take the stairs and incorporate your senses throughout the day.

Q: Where else should I be thinking about movement in my life?

  • Take notice of your posture.
  • When you wake up, take time to expand your body, stretch out, take up space to take on the day.
  • Try on someone else’s movement to build rapport and empathy.
  • Be mindful of your movements in the workplace. How do you move in relation to others?

Q: What is the mind-body connection?

Your thoughts influence your health and vice versa.A way to gain control of your emotions when we have no control over our environment. A necessary way of looking at well-being and health. Best of all, the mind-body connection is able to be utilized by anyone with some practice and commitment.

Be sure to follow @EricaHornthal and @CHIDanceTherapylike her on Facebook, visit and check out her 30Seconds page for even more tips!

Elisa Schmitz
OMG, so fun! I simply can't wait for this great day with you, Erica Hornthal and Christine Jones !
Christine Jones
I can't wait to talk with both of you Erica Hornthal & Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds ! This is such a great topic!
Nicole DeAvilla
Getting up and moving is such an important message these days. Many people need to find something that is fun and inspiring. Dance is great. I cant wait to see what you share with us Erica Hornthal .
Pam McCormick
I'll join you all AFTER I get back from my Dance Therapy (aka Teaching Dance). Can't wait! Love what you are doing Erica Hornthal !
Kim Kusiciel
I'll be joining you after my daughter's dance class... I think I need to find my own dance class!!! Erica Hornthal, help!!! :) I can't wait to tune in!
Meredith Schneider
Loved today's #30Seconds LIVESTREAM with Erica Hornthal Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Christine Jones So glad I was able to jump on after running fitcamp this morning.🍑💪👙 Awesome tips shared! Would love to incorporate 💃💃dance moves in my workouts or just dance! 😜 See everyone tonight on twitter! 💋

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