Seeking Guidance & Clarity? How to Listen to Your Inner Voice by Stephanie Cannoe

7 years ago

Seeking Guidance & Clarity? How to Listen to Your Inner Voice

To know something for the first time and with absolute certainty, which rings true for YOU, is listening to YOUR inner voice. 

The first memory I have of my inner voice is before I could speak. I was mesmerized by the warmth of the sun and the twinkle of the ray as it moved with and through my hand. I knew I was loved and safe, a presence was felt. This knowingness has always been with me.

You have access to your inner voice in every moment when seeking guidance and clarity. You have to remember to check in and listen to your heart – this is the point of transformation. Without this relationship you limit your experience, but to understand the deeper meaning for YOU, you need to shift your focus and directly ask yourself for the answers YOU seek. 

What is YOUR inner voice saying to YOU?

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Donna John
Beautiful, Stephanie Cannoe . Reminds me of Gail Harris . Welcome to the tribe! If this is your first tip, can only imagine what you have in store for us!
Gail Harris
Thanks for tagging me @donna. This is beautiful Stephanie. We are soul sisters for sure. Welcome.
Stephanie Cannoe
Soul sisters for sure! I have to read your book, it looks amazing. Women empowering women is a beautiful thing. I am happy to be part of the tribe! Thanks to Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead@. SO Grateful. Thank you all!!
Stephanie Cannoe
Thank you!! So exciting.
Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful insights, Stephanie Cannoe ! So glad you shared this with us. Looking forward to learning more from you. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing these inspiring thoughts with us, Stephanie Cannoe ! I thought of Gail Harris when I read this too, Donna John! Great minds. :) Welcome to the tribe, Stephanie!
Gail Harris
Stephanie Cannoe it would be nice to connect sometime. Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead thsnjd got thinkinc of me, too. Great weekend, all.
Stephanie Cannoe
Gail Harris I'd love to connect sometime. Thank you everyone, I already feel connected and inspired!

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