​Have We Created a Generation of Entitled Kids? Probably, But It’s Not Too Late to Change Them by Richard Watts

6 years ago

​Have We Created a Generation of Entitled Kids? Probably, But It’s Not Too Late to Change Them

Why do so many children today believe they should have anything they want without having to make an effort to get it? The blame for this epidemic of entitlement should be placed squarely on parents’ shoulders. Well-meaning parents often weaken their children by overindulging them and over-managing their lives. But by doing so, we are also stealing from them. We’re stealing the strength and confidence that is forged when they successfully overcome a struggle or challenge. Here are some tips:

  • Break the Codependency – Take care of YOU first! By constantly stepping in to “rescue” your child, you are enabling immaturity, irresponsibility and underachievement.
  • Delay Gratification – If you give in to your children’s demands immediately, they begin to expect that as the normal course of events. The best thing you can do, by far, is model self-discipline yourself.
  • Let Your Kids Struggle – Today’s parents tend to hover and overprotect. Recalling the many life lessons I've learned on my own, I urge parents to allow their children to struggle when there is a lesson to be learned or personal growth to be had.
  • Give Memories Instead of Things – Most parents want to give their children “the best things money can buy.” The best gifts are good experiences that are so memorable that they last a lifetime.
  • Wield the “Grandparent Weapon” – Grandparents have a lifetime of experience and have survived setbacks and failures. Their wisdom can be a calming, credible and secure resource for your children.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so true! I really appreciate the insights shared by Richard Watts . So many entitled kids these days because of parenting styles. How did we get here? I'd love to see more tips from you, Richard Watts ! Thanks for sharing, Donna John !
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this, Richard Watts ! "Give memories instead of things" just about sums up my parenting philosophy! :)
Alex Bryant
These tips are so needed to apply! Thanks, Richard Watts !
Jen Imbaro
This is a daily struggle in my life. I have one son, who is the center of the universe to far too many grown-ups. But I find that the more I let him do things on his own, the more resourceful he is. This is a great reminder.

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