Marital Affairs: The Top 3 Reasons Women Cheat on Their Spouses by Donna John

7 years ago

Marital Affairs: The Top 3 Reasons Women Cheat on Their Spouses

Having an affair has never been easier due of technology. Both men and women cheat because something is missing in their lives. The need to fill in that missing piece is what leads to affairs and often divorce. Jeff Forte, author of "The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle" and expert in conflict resolution and divorce prevention, shares the top three reasons women cheat.

  • Lack of Connection – The primary driver that women have in an intimate relationship is to feel connected. For women, the feeling of connection is a mix of chemical bliss that creates attraction and intimacy. When women feel disconnected from their spouse, the feelings of intimacy fade. The possibility of a new connection with someone else opens up. And these emotional connections can easily lead to physical affairs.
  • Vengeance – About 1 in 5 affairs by women happen because of “payback.” It’s revenge for the husband’s affair. It’s vengeance for some perceived wrong or mistreatment. Numerous women have confided that their affairs were intentional “payback” because their husbands didn’t’ help out enough with their new born babies. Others have mentioned that it was revenge for an unmet expectation around Valentine’s Day or their birthday or anniversary. 
  • Unsatisfying Sex – Lack of passionate and fulfilling sex is another driver for affairs. While men may complain about the quantity of sex, women complain about the quality. Women often comment on the lack of sex initiated by their husbands with the desired amount of passion. Here’s a sample of what they’ve said to Forte: “I want him to just take me spontaneously,” “I want him to throw me on the bed,” “I want him to be more aggressive."

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