Life Is Shorter Than You Think: 5 Ways to Live It Well (Start Today)! by Erin Musto

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11 months ago
Life Is Shorter Than  You Think: 5 Ways to Live It Well (Start Today)!

Life is short, often much shorter than we mean it to be. How do we live in a way that we know we are doing it well? Maybe we can start with this: 

  • Eat the ice cream, enjoy the pizza. 
  • Let it go. Not ready to? Do it anyway. 
  • Use the fancy china, buy the boots. 
  • Dance even when people are watching (bonus points if you twirl!). 
  • Laugh until your cheeks hurt all of the time

Live in a way that when time runs out, you are all good with it.  I try hard to appreciate my health and my living, so when it gets hard I know I did it well. Live it well.

Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
So inspirational. Thanks for sharing, Erin Musto ! And welcome to the 30Seconds tribe! We're lucky to have you!
Kimberly Johnson
Love this, Erin Musto - especially the "laugh until your cheeks hurt" because it almost always happens when I hang out with my friends. Welcome!
Donna John
Yes, it is, Erin Musto . Welcome to the tribe and for sharing such an inspirational first tip!
Christine Jones
So true Erin Musto ! Welcome to this awesome group! I love one about laughing and using the china! Too often we keep the nice things for those special occasions and really everyday should be seen as a special occasion!
Katie Sloan
I love people who can live in the moment and enjoy life! It is way to precious to take for granted though my husband and kids would prefer if I don't dance in public. Of course I do it anyway!
Great tips Erin, I will try to use these more!0
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
OMG, Erin Musto - this is so beautiful. You're right, we all need to soak it all in and enjoy every moment we can. I especially love the line about the boots - amen, sister. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. So excited to learn and grow with you! xoxo
Pam McCormick
Yes! Life goes too fast! My motto is the LIVE IN THE MOMENT and enjoy all of live's simple pleasures! Great reminder Erin Musto
Kim Kusiciel
Erin Musto I love all your tips, but this might be my favorite. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. :)

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