Can’t Get Your Kids Outdoors? Read This & You'll Be Outside in a Hurry! by Gail Harris

6 years ago

Can’t Get Your Kids Outdoors? Read This & You'll Be Outside in a Hurry!

It’s spring! So mom, head for the outdoors. Remember the fun games we played as kids: hopscotch, catch, tag, jump rope. If you need a push, these simple facts about being outdoors vs. indoors and on the Internet will have you nix the X-box, TV, computer or phone several hours a day. When outdoors:

  • Kids have fun and burn energy
  • Promotes good self-esteem
  • Brings on better posture and balance
  • Vitamin D from the suns makes stronger bones
  • Social interaction with friends

When your kids are indoors and on the Internet, parents should know:

  • While fun and helpful, kids don’t learn how to be alone
  • They are marketed to relentlessly
  • Young girls are sexualized and violence is glorified
  • Scrolling through photos and watching videos can be addicting

It’s a no-brainer, mom. Head outside today!

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