Find Your Child's Passion: So Your Son Doesn't Like Sports ... Relax! It's OK! Here's Why! by Renee

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6 years ago

Find Your Child's Passion: So Your Son Doesn't Like Sports ... Relax! It's OK! Here's Why!

I have to admit, there might have been a brief time of mourning when my husband and I realized that our son had no interest in team sports. If your child is like mine – it's OK! When given authentic life experiences, children will grow to be well-rounded individuals. 

Focus on finding what excites them. Instead of a team sport, your child might want to focus their energy on an individual sport like swimming. Help them discover their strengths, interests and passions by encouraging them to:

  • volunteer
  • take music lessons
  • take art lessons
  • join a technology club

Joining organizations such as Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and youth groups are also great ways for children to build a sense of self, meaningful friendships and important life skills.

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Donna John
Thank you, Renee Herren! Such an important thing to remind parents (and grandparents) of. I have to admit that I'm guilty of it. I already ask my daughter when my grandson, who is 4, is going to start baseball. Guess I need to take a step back. Great tip!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes! As a theatre professor I couldn't agree more. :) There are so many ways for kids to get involved at school & in the community, make friends, & build their confidence. Joining a sports team is just one option. Thank you, Renee Herren !
Heather Murphy-Fritz
Awesome tip, Renee Herren ! My son loves swimming and karate, but is just not into team sports. He enjoys other kids but loves his solo time, too. It was something I had to learn to respect, as I love team sports :-).
Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for saying this and relieving some of the pressure many parents feel, Renee Herren ! The competitive nature of some parents make this such a big deal!
Jamie Martin
I love team sports and still play softball to this day but my son doesn't love sports for a variety of reasons. I now take it as a blessing in disguise. I think there is too much of a singular focus of parents on sports. As commented above, there are many ways for kids to make friends, get involved and find their joy.
Kimberly Johnson
Thanks for this, Renee Herren ! Family members often ask when my 7-yr old will start playing [insert sport here]. He's given a few a try recreationally and none clicked for him. For a minute he almost forced himself to feign a love of soccer since his older brother plays. He much prefers art/creative play and I haven't felt compelled to push athletics on him even with the occasional "pressure" to push something in his direction. On the flipside, I feel for my kids when they hit middle/high school - this band lovin' mama will have to learn to resist the temptation to badger them about joining band. Ha!
Terri Kendrick
My very athletic mother didn't know what to do when she had her firstborn, me. Instead of playing tag and 4-square with the neighborhood kids or signing up for recreational basketball like my little sister, I loved nothing more than reading in my room for hours on end. Thankfully, she didn't push me to play sports or even dance. Ultimately, my very introspective pastimes as a child led to my career as a writer. Thanks, Mom!

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