Life Lessons: Why Losing the PTA Election Was a Win in Disguise for Me! by Kimberly Johnson

2 years ago
Life Lessons: Why Losing the PTA Election Was a Win in Disguise for Me!

I've been a card-carrying member of the PTA since my daughter started school five years ago. After countless events, fundraisers and baking up a storm for class parties, teacher luncheons and more, I decided to run for PTA secretary. While I didn't win the election, I have no regrets because my children had the chance to see me lose graciously.

My prior "winning isn't everythings" weren't as meaningful as they will be going forward. I ended the evening by shaking my competitor's hand and congratulating her on her win. Then our family came home, where we discussed how I wasn't sad because there are always opportunities to help and I can always run again if I want.

We also had brownies and ice cream for dessert, since my kids decided I deserved a treat for trying my best. That's a big win in my book!

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Donna John
Love this, Kimberly Johnson ! I just published another tip by Doctor Harmony about looking on the bright side. Sorry you lost, but your kids learned quite a bit from it, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!
Kimberly Johnson
It's all well and good - there are always PLENTY of opportunities to help out!
Kelley Marlin
You would have been fantastic on the PTA board, but you are fantastic at all the (MANY) things you do!
Kimberly Johnson
Aww, thanks, Kelley Marlin ! That means a lot to me! 😘
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I LOVE this, Kimberly Johnson ! It brought tears to my eyes. This is a perfect example of actions speak louder than words. Telling our kids something is one thing but putting our lessons into ACTION is another. What a great example you are to your littles!
Kimberly Johnson
Thanks for your support in all things, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! <3
Renee Herren
I love everything about this! You are such a great example to us all Kim!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
What a perfect reflection on how you turned a "loss" into a "win" for your kids to see! Well done, Kimberly Johnson ! #winning
Heather Murphy-Fritz
Great tip! ove that you saw it as an opportunity for learning.
Katie Sloan
Great teaching moment!
April Russell
I feel lost if I miss one. Studies do show that students are more engaged when parents are involved in school.

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