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#30Seconds In-Depth: St. Patrick's Day Tips & Ideas for Family Fun With Pam McCormick! by Donna John

6 years ago
#30Seconds In-Depth: St. Patrick's Day Tips & Ideas for Family Fun With Pam McCormick!

St. Patrick's Day is super fun to celebrate even if you're not Irish! This week our very own 30Seconds contributor, Pam McCormick, spread some luck 'o the Irish to all of us during our Twitter chat. Pam is a Michigan-based Irish momma of three, dance teacher, creative consultant, writer and editor. She's the editor of "Bloom 365" and "Fun with Flowers" by J. Schwanke of Read on to learn more about her and get tips for your St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Q. What’s your Irish background and how does your family celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

I was born a “Murphy” and married into the “McCormick” clan, so needless to say, I’m a “wee bit” Irish. St. Patrick’s Day is like Christmas in our “wee Irish home!” We participate in our local Irish parade every year. I was “crowned” the “Irish Queen” at our local parade and given the “queen cloak” for a year, along with a tiara. The Irish Queen cloak was filled with pins placed on it from the 35 “queens” before me. My husband now refers to me as “Your Majesty” from time to time!

My hubby was the “Lord of the Leprechauns” at age 5 and my daughter was the “Irish Princess” last year. The local Irish Princess receives a keepsake “Shillelagh.” Kid’s Shillelagh is based on a town in Ireland noted for its oak trees, adults call it the “fighting stick!” I also teach Irish dance and often dance along with my students at local St. Patrick’s Day gigs.

Q: What are St. Patrick’s Day activities or crafts that you do in your family?

Anything with rainbows treasures, green or gold! With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

  • On St. Patrick’s Day there’s a visit from silly leprechauns who make a mess in our house but leave a “treasure” behind. The “leprechauns” leave treats and gold coins. (The gold tokens work at local arcades – a plus for the teens.)So far the “leprechauns” have NOT left a “treasure” for the adults! The kids create “leprechaun traps” to see if they can “catch” one. Using problem solving and creativity skills! Using the imaginations of the kids, we recycle and use household items to construct our “leprechaun” trap.
  • Rainbow Art: Use colors from the spectrum to create rainbows (paint, paper, yarn, fruit, candy, etc.) Creativity with our St. Patrick’s Day rainbow projects improve each year as kids get older. Time together is the best treasure.
  • This LED rainbow vase video tutorial from J. Schwanke is our fave! Check it out here!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coin Hunt – Think like an “egg hunt” but uses gold coins. They can be hidden anywhere you choose. For older kids we use the coins to “buy” time or adventures, not “stuff.” Use coins to “buy” a movie night with mom and dad or a game night choice, etc. To make it fair, each child is meant to find a certain number of coins. Once they hit it, they help siblings.
  • Photo Booth – This is for for teens and adults! Use themed props and hang a themed tablecloth for a backdrop.
  • This green foliage bouquet video tutorial from J. Schwanke is fun! Check it out here!
  • You can also make this fun St. Patrick’s Day Day shamrock keepsake!

Q: What are some St. Patrick’s Day treat hacks you have used in your family?

  • Buy green JELL-O, turn it upside down, glue on a green paper and decorate for a leprechaun hat.
  • For an easy St. Patrick’s Day treat hack, turn to candy! Skittles alone can be turned into anything rainbow! A small mason jar from the dollar store with a lid tinted gold and filled with Skittles is a great treat to give or get.
  • Here’s a rainbow hack with Twizzlers! Line them up to make a rainbow and put gold chocolate coins at the bottom.
  • For a healthy St. Patrick’s Day treat, use fresh fruit to form a rainbow or place on stick to carry the “rainbow” around.
  • Use green M&Ms, mint flavored even! Decorate cookies or cupcakes or fill a jar!
  • Never under estimate the value of grocery store or bakery cupcakes when in a time crunch!

Q: As a dance teacher, what are some St. Patrick’s Day movement activities you use in class?

  • Put on some Irish music and go under the rainbow (aka the parachute). Kids absolutely LOVE it!
  • Step dance “side step.” Cut leg up, step side 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (Right foot in front and left in back).
  • We do a themed obstacle course using cones, mats, etc., with gold coins for a prize.
  • Use colorful scarves (rainbow colors) to dance around with. Tuck a scarf into your hand and count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 toss and say “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”
  • Never under estimate the power of rainbow-colored tissue paper (from the dollar store) to toss around!

Q: Any adult drink recipes appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day?

Now we’re talking! Pull out those copper mugs, coffee cups or chilled beer mugs and read on…

  • An Irish Mule – vodka, ginger beer, fresh-squeezed lime plus Jameson Whiskey (all to taste).
  • The Irish Lady (from my Grandma Murphy) – You’ll need 3 ounces champagne, 1 ounce melon liqueur and 1 ounce orange juice. Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves.
  • Take your basic grasshopper ice cream drink and add 1 shot of Jameson Whiskey.
  • Try this drink by Bar Ro’D called Pot of Gold. It’s 2 ounces gin, 1 teaspoon superfine sugar, 1/2 ounce lemon juice and 5 ounces champagne.
  • My version of Irish coffee is adding Baileys Original to any normal cup of coffee!
  • Add a dash of green food colors to be “festive” with your favorite beer or champagne.
  • I enjoy the green shamrock bottle of Bud Light or a pint of green Guinness.

Q: Any other last-minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas or thoughts you’d like to share?

We draw lots of life inspiration from Irish blessings and Irish proverbs. Live. Laugh. Love.

Be sure to follow  @dancinmoma, visit DancinMoma.comlike her on Facebook and check out her 30Seconds page!

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Elisa Schmitz
SO fun! I always love your chats, Pam McCormick ! xoxo
Pam McCormick
Thanks, Elisa! I love being a part of the tribe, its an incredible, intuitive and creative group of people!
Nicole DeAvilla
What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter! This will be a fun chat.
Pam McCormick
So excited! I LOVE St. Patrick's Day!!!!! I could chat about it for hours! ;-) One year I will celebrate in Chicago....and then Ireland, of course! :-)
jennah jackson
Definitely could use some fun family ideas thanks ladies 😘
Toni B
Wish I could be there tonight, but I'm going to the theater w/ a friend to see Circus 1903.
Nicole DeAvilla
We will miss you! Have a great time.
Rachel W. Lewter
Oh wow, family fun, treats, crafts and adult drinks, everything covered in one chat. Of course I'll be there to learn all I possibly can for St. Patrick's Day 🍀.
Holly Budde
i wont be able to make tonight. "minor" emergency in the family. Pam I know it will be great! i'll read and retweet for you tomorrow
Nicole DeAvilla
Best wishes to you and your family Holly. We will miss you. ((Hug))
Elisa Schmitz
I hope everything is OK, Holly Budde ! Sending hugs and love your way, chica!! xoxo
Kristy Dominiak
"I-rish" I could have joined tonight. Sorry I missed it!! You always have such amazing tips! You definitely are a green goddess! ☘️
Elisa Schmitz
We miss you, Kristy Dominiak ! Hope all is well with you, chica! xoxo

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